A piece of wood that has changed to stone is refered to as...A. cast B. molded or C. petrified? THANKS!?

c. petrified
It's C... Petrified wood, I used to collect pieces in the Sahara Desert.
Casting and molding are where you sculpt a hollow space in the correct shape (the mold), then pour in a substance which later solidifies.

Petrification, however, is where wood or flesh is slowly eaten and replaced by stone. (C) is the answer you want.
C - petrified!
It is refered to as petrified. Normally the piece of wood was buried deep enough that it did not decompose. Over time the cells of the wood were replaced by mineral matter, but retaining their original shape. The mineral matter is usually a silicate of some kind. If it is a mineralized intact limb it is sometimes refered to as a cast.

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