Can someone solve these problems and explain to me how you did?

You have to write the numbers as a ordinary number.



This is very simple. It is scientific notation. Simply move the decimal place the number of your exponent. (Since the exponent it positive, you will have a larger number than what you started with)

3.03X10^7 -> move it 7 places

7.839X10^6 ->move it 6 places
30300000 and 7839000

just move the decimal to the righ as many places as the exponent is.
Those are just in scientific notation. For example, 1700 becomes 1.700x10^3, meaning the decimal is moved over 3 places to the left, to 1.700, hence the 10^3. So it really means 1.7 times 10^3 (which is 1000). You can think of 10^3 meaning 10x10x10=1000. It's just a simplification for really large numbers.
So for the first one of yours, 3.03x10^7, move the decimal 7 places to the right to get 30,300,000. You can think of it as 3.03 times 10,000,000 (10^7). I hope that helps.

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