What is the [H+] in 0.200 M HClO? Ka = 2.88 x 10–8?

Equation: HClO + H2O ~> H3O+ + ClO-
Origninal: 0.200M....... 0..... 0
Change:..-x.... +x..... +x
Equilib:...0.200-x... x...... x

At equilibrium: Ka = [H3O][ClO]/[HClO]=x^2/0.200-x =2.88x10-8

solve for x (you can ignore x in 0.200-x b/c the Ka is a lot smaller than 0.200)
x=7.59e-5 M=[H3O]=[H+]
Your question is missing a unit after the equal sign. Also, what's the first"?" for?

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