In which direction would the following equilibrium run. If the volume of the container were increased?

2SO2(g) + O2(g) <==> 2SO2(g)
A) No change
B) To the right
c) To the left

I presume you meant SO3 on the right side.

By increasing the container volume, you lower the pressure on the reaction which alleviates the stress on the side with more moles of gas (left side has 3, right has 2). This allows the reaction to flow in that direction (to the left).
Your equation is not balanced. Please check your reaction for typographical errors and edit the question.
C left
If you leave more room for the more gas molecules, it will react that weay a bit more (3 molecules on left, 2 on right) ...and you meant SO3 on the right, right?

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