A 15.00 mL sample of NaOH was titrated to the stoichiometric point with 17.40 mL of 0.2340 M HCl.?

a) What is the molar concentration of the NaOH solution?
b) Calculate the grams of NaOH in the solution

a) first, get the number of moles of reacted HCl:

moles = 17.40mL x 0.2340 M
= 4.0716 mmol

then, get the molar concentration

Molarity = 4.0716 mmol / 15.00mL
= 0.2714 M (mol/L)

b) to get the grams of NaOH in the solution, multiply the number of moles HCl reacted with the molecular weight of NaOH, as shown

grams NaOH = 0.004176 mol x 40 g/mol
= 0.1670 grams

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