If you dissolve 9.07g of NaOH in enough water to make 236.0 mL of solution, what can you expect the pH of the?

solution to be?

1. Convert 9.07 g NaOH to moles NaOH (hint, use MW)
2. Divide moles NaOH (from 1) by 0.236 L solution
(This give molarity of NaOH, and molarity of OH-)
3. 10^-[OH-] = pOH
4. 14 - pOH = pH

Do the math yourself. You'll need the practice for the rest of your homework, and for the exam coming up.
9.07 g NaOH/ 40 g per mole NaOH= .22675 mole NaOH

.22675 moles into 236 mL of solution gives a solution that is .9608 molar (moles per liter)

this solution should have equal amountys of Na and OH ions present.

pOH = - log [OH]


The pH of the solution is 13.98264

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