A 7.83 gram sample of NaCl is dissolved in 90.00 ml of ethyl alcohol solution. Calculate...?

It is asking to calculate the molar concentration of the solution.
Whoever does this will please do it step by step becasue i have the correct anwer I just don't know how to work it out.
Please, Please Help!

First we must convert grams of NaCl to moles. This is found by dividing the given amount of NaCl by the molar mass of NaCl (58.5g):
(7.83g NaCl) divided by (58.5 g NaCl) = .134 moles NaCl

Second, we take the number of mL of ethyl alcohol and convert it to liters. To do this, we must divide the number of milliliters by 1000 (the number of milliliters in one liter):
(90.00mL) divided by (1000mL) = .09L ethyl alcohol

Thirdly, we must divide moles by liters to get a molar concentration (remember that molarity is equal to moles divided by liters):
(.134 moles NaCl) divided by (.09L ethyl alcohol) = 1.49M

Your resulting molar concentration is 1.49M
I'm not sure if this is right since It's been awhile since I took chemistry but I'll try my best.
The answer I got was 1.49 mol NaCl / L C2H5OH.
If that's right here's my work. If not, ignore the work, I guess.
7.83 g/.09 L = 87 g/L
87 g/L X 1 mol/58.5 g(which is the molar mass of the NaCl) = 1.49 mol/L

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