Why ammonia(NH3) has a higher boiling point than phasphine(PH3)?

Because in ammonia there is a hydrogen bond : hydrogen bond is a special type of acctactive interation. A molecule in which a hydrogen atom is attached to a relatively electonegative atom as F , O or N gives hydrogen bonds that rise the boiling point
NH bond is more polar than the PH bond. Ammonia exhibits hydrogen bonding in the liquid state.
every element in 5th group contains a lone pair of electrons when bonded with 3 hydrogen atoms or in other words all 5th group elements form hydrogen bonds.
as electronegativity decreases down the group so nitrogen got to have higher electronegativity then other elements in the group. on the other hand, electronegativity of hydrogen is less as compared to nitrogen so this difference in electronegativity makes NH3 molecule more polar and create stronger covalent bond. obviously strong forces of attraction between the atoms cause the boiling point of NH3 to rise.

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