Why deep-sea divers prefer helium oxygen mixture?

Most divers would not use heliox at depth below 100 meter due to High Pressure Nervous Syndrome, instead they would use trimix. The nitrogen in trimix cancels out the toxic effects of helium at great depth.

Divers going below 100 foot would be looking at trimix, Helium, Oxygen, Nitrogen.

Oxygen become toxic at depth and so less is used depending on the depth dived to.

Nitrogen narcosis, a bit like being drunk but with out the hangover can occur at depths greater than 30 foot. although at depths greater than 30 meter it can be fatal
It's to prevent Nitrogen Narcosis when deep diving.
it has about 1/15th of the narcotic effect that nitrogen does at depths greater than 140feet. They are less likely to get Inert gas narcosis if they use helium.
-Drawbacks are longer decompression time to avoid getting the bends, and that if you attempt to communicate via a radio transmitter, you sound like donald duck.

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