% Calcium in Milk by EDTA titration?

Can someone please show me the FULL equation for determining the % calcium in a milk sample.
10 ml of milk was the sample
EDTA was the titrant (0.025M)
8M of NaOH was also added along with paton reader indicator.
I need to know what the % calcium in the milk is?
My titre was 25ml of EDTA into the milk sample -(10ml sample)
Therefore what would the % of calcium be?
Please help, I am trying to finish this project for my science fair! Appreciated.

EDTA reacts with calcium 1:1 so moles of calcium in 10ml milk
= moles EDTA used in titration = 25 x 0.025/1000
MWt Ca= 40.08
% Ca w/v = 25 x 0.025 x 40.08 x 100 / (1000 x 10)

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