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Calculate the normality of a diluted solution of HCl if its 20ml of normality 10N is mixed with distilled water to make 1dm^3 soln.

Please involve all the steps and 'explain' me what exactly the problem is and how to go about ..

Thank you tonn in advance !!

The normality and molarity of HCl are the same as HCl is a monoprotic acid. Since the number of moles of HCl will be the same in the concentrated and the dilulted solution (1 dm^3 = 1 L), then we can set the following equation:

Mconc * Vconc = Mdil * Vdil
Mdil = Mconc * Vconc / Vdil = 10 M * 0.020 L / 1.00 L = 0.20 M = 0.20 N
thats some advanced college stuff..i was reading it to see if i cud help u out, but i cant. sry :( besides, i only took high school chemistry n my teacher wasnt all that good
Surely you mean molarity... or molality?
The normality will be reduced by the ratio of initial solution volume to final solution total volume.

Nf = Ni*Vi/Vt
First of all, in the case of a monoprotic acid like the one we have here, the normality and molarity are the same thing.

Dilution equation:
(MV)initial = (MV)final

1 cubic dm is one liter, which is 1000 mL

(10 M)(20 mL) = M(1000 mL)
M = .2 M = .2 N

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