Whats difference between electrons and valence electrons?

IE: He is under 8A which has 8 valence electrons. Then the atomic number is 2 which equall 2 electrons as well. Someone please help! Thank You All!

He has only 2 electrons but since the first shell is full with just 2 electrons, it behaves like an inert gas and the other inert gases have 8 electrons in their valency shells. So, they are grouped together.

Valency electrons are the outer electrons which can leave the atom to take part in a chemical reaction.
Valence electrons are those electrons which occupy the OUTERMOST principal energy levels or shells. Valence electrons are the ones exchanged (given away, taken in or shared) in any chemical reaction.

All other electrons in the inner principal energy levels are just plain, 'ole electrons.
Valence electrons are simply the electrons in the atom's outermost shell. Atomic number gives you the number of protons, not electrons.
The first electron shell can only occupy 2 electrons. He has 2 electrons hence will fill the first electron shell s orbital. Hence, the electronic configuration is stable like a noble gas.
Electron is negatively charged particle of an atom and valence electron is an electron in an outer shell of an atom that can participate in forming chemical bonds with other atoms.
No, Helium doesn't have 8 valance electrons, its an exception to the Nobel gasses. it has two electrons.
you need to keep the bohr model in mind also
helium is wierd for its position. it doesnt really have 8 valence electrons, group 8 means that the element has a full outer ring of valence electrons. since the rings of electrons can hold 2, 8, 8, and helium has 2 electrons, it goes in that group. valence electrons are just electrons located on the outer ring.
He has two elecctrons. It does not have 8 valence electrons.
Valence electronsnes are the ones in the outer shell. H has one. Li has one. F has seven. Valence electrons are the ones that combine with electrons from other atoms to cause bonds to form.
valence electrons are the electrons contained in the outermost, or valence, electron shell of an atom. Valence electrons are important in determining how an element reacts chemically with other elements...

I use to remember alot more details but I guess not anymore...if you read through article at wikipedia it would make sense to you...
I don't know if you understand enough about the physical structure of atoms for this answer. All atoms have electrons - one for each proton in its nucleus (you understand that the electrons orbit the nucleus, right?). Well, the presently accepted model of the construction of atoms has the electrons occurring in orbit clouds around the nucleus but at specific distances from the nucleus (called "shells") depending on how many there are for that atom. The valence electrons are the ones in the outer-most "shell" of electrons and they determine the electrical charge (if any) of the atom in question and what it's bonding ability will be (i.e. how it will react or connect to other atoms). That's as non-technical as I can say it with out getting all physics-y on you.

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