What is the molar mass of this sugar?

An aqueous solution containing 1.02 g of a sugar in 100. mL of a solution has an osmotic pressure of 1.39 atm at 25.0 oC. What is the molar mass of this sugar? Answer should be in g/mol

π = MRT
π/RT = M
1.39 atm/(0.0821 L atm/mol K)(298 K) = 0.0568 M

0.0568 M = mol sugar/0.100 L
0.0568 M X 0.100 L = 0.00568 mol sugar

Molar mass = 1.02 g/0.00568 mol = 179.5 g/mol
rounding off to three sig figs = 180 g/mol

Most likely glucose, formula is C6H12O6.

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