10 points!!!!?

how do i make, like a volcano, i mean i know how to make, it, and there's going to be a water bottleand i will pour baking soda+vinagar in the water bottle, just wondering, is there's any thing elsein an average house, that i can use, with baking soda, i don't think i hav vinager, oh yeah, i tried, lemon juce, but all it did was fizz, any other suggestions

and it also has to hav a hecka cool reaction, just like baking soda+vinagar too!, thanks

mentos plus coke
maybe acids... try soda.. very cold
Get a soda full litter soda bottle. dump out just a little bit maybe about 1 or 2 cups the get clay and mold a volcano around they soda bottle. you should still have alot of soda in the bottle. be sure to put the cap back on and when you are molding the clay around the soda bottle DO NOT put clay over the opening. When finished get mentos put drop them in the opening and the soda will shoot up. you can get mentos at the store. and if you want to you can just get a soda bottle and put mentos in it just for fun instead of making a volcano.
The newest thing is mint candy called Mintos and diet cola. Also dont forget the red or orange food coloring to simulate lava. Italian dressing is part vinigar but the olive oil probably nutralizes the acidic characteristics at least in part. Vinigar is pretty cheap, so I would go buy some. You are going to want to run your test a time or two before you go public. Use a little liquid and a LOT of soda so it foams and rolls out slow. More liquid if you want explosive results. Be safe.
mentos and coke will make a big explosion you should try it. its very cool.
im sorry but u need vinegar
try and borrow from ur friend or classmate

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