Reusable desiccant silica gel?

I'm talking about those small lil' packages that says "DO NOT EAT" in food/medicine packaging (silica gel or powder form). 2 Questions:
1. Is it advisable to reuse them? If yes, what are they used for e.g. for DIY home remedies
2. How long those these drying desiccant lasts normally, and methods to regenerate the properties the desiccants (i.e. drying them under the sun, microwave them, etc.)

Yes, they can be reused. You can put them anywhere you want it to be dried, i.e. camera bag and other electronics stuff, etc. They can be regenerated under the sun in a very hot and low humidity day. Or you can put them in an oven at 120C for an hour. Microwave is not recommended. By the way, you may not want to contaminate your oven for food w/ the gels. Buy them in store if you need to use.
Some of those "do not eat" packets contain iron filings rather than silica gel. Test the packet with a magnet to decide which.

If you are thinking of trying a microwave be sure that it is not iron filings. They could arc and ignite the package.

I'm not sure I would recommend a microwave in any case. I have refreshed silica gel in an oven. Just be careful not to let the stuff get too hot or stay in too long.

The only use for silica gel is to absorb moisture. Iron filings remove oxygen from the air inside the package.

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