A 4.50 mol sample of gas occupies a volume of 34.6 L at a 298K. What is the pressure of the gas?

the equation is pV = nRT
p = nRT / V = 4.5 x 0.0821 x 298 / 34.6 = 3.18 atm
Combined gas law. 4.5mol occupy 100.8L at STP
P1V1T2 = P2V2T1
1atm. x 100.8 L x 298K = P2 x 34.6 L x 273K
P2 = 30,038.4 รท 9445.8
Pressure = 3.18atm.
assuming that ur gas is an ideal gas...you use the nRT=PV
n is the # of moles
R is the constant the number changes with the units ur using so you should look it up
T is the temp
P is the pressure
V is volume
so multiply n,R,and T then divide by V.that's ur answer

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