Can someone please help me with chemistry hw? TY!!!?

The fundamental force underlying all chemical reactions is

(For 100 points.)

A) electrical.

B) nuclear.

C) gravitational.

D) centripetal.

E) none of these.

13. In an electric circuit, the safety fuse is connected to the circuit in

(For 100 points.)
A) parallel.

B) series.

Which pole of a compass needle points to a south pole of a magnet?

(For 100 points.)
A) south pole.

B) north pole.

C) both of these.

Compared to a single lamp connected to a battery, two lamps connected in parallel to the same battery will carry

(For 100 points.)
A) less current.

B) the same current.

C) more current.

2. E chemical
13. B otherwise current would flow around it
17. B oppisites attract
19. C V=IR if Voltage stays the same and resistance decreases as it would in parrallel then current increases
  • A detergent solution has a pH of 11.63 at 25C. What is the hydroxide ion concentration?
  • A gas with a volume of 525mL at a temperature of -25 degrees celcius is heated to 175 degrees celcius. what is
  • Urgent chem help needed!! first correct answer gets 10 points!?
  • Balance this equation to make them equal?
  • What type of Ion forms from Sodium?
  • Le chatelier's principle?
  • Is hair an organic material?...?
  • What type of bond will form between the following pairs of atoms? K and S; Se and I; P and Br?