A tank contains helium gas at 490 mmHg, N gas at 0.75atm, and Ne at 520 torr.?

What is the total pressure in atm?

convert the helium gas to atm which is .644
plus N gas 0.75 and convert 520 torr to atm which is .684

total pressure is 2.07 atm
The pressures simply add up. All you need to do it convert all the pressures to atm and then add them up.
490mm/760mm per atm + 0.75 + 560torr/760 torr per atm =
.64 + .75 + .73= ~2.13 atm
Depending on how many significant figures you are allowed, your answer would be 2.07atm. Take the 490 mmHg and divide by 760. Take 520/760 (1 atm=760 torr). Use Dalton's Law of Partial pressures and add them all up to get the total pressure of the system. Ptot = P1 + P2 + P3 etc. Assuming that your numbers were 490. and 520. then you would be allowed only 2 sig figs and then your answer would be 2.1 atm. Hope that helps!
490mmHg + 570mmHg + 520mmHg = 1,580mmHg
= 2.08atm

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