750ml of a gas 1t 127'C and 800mm Hg would occupy what volume at STP? (10)?

Please show work

1...Combined Gas Law.
P1 x V1 x T2 = P2 x V2 x T1

800mmHg x 750mL x 273K
= 760mmHg x V2 x 400K
V2 = (800 x 750 x 273) ÷ (760 x 400)
V2 = 163,800,000 ÷ 304,000
New Volume (V2) = 538.8 mL.
if i showed you the work you wouldn't learn a thing, instead I will show you how- give a guy a fish he'll eat for a day, teach him to fish, feed him for a lifetime

okay heres how to do it:
1) find the moles of gas in the conditions described, PV = nRT, the basic gas law: P = pressure, V = volume, n = moles of gas, R = gas constant (look it up in a chem book, varies depending on pressure units), T = tempurature in kelvin (K), NOT celseius

2) use that amount of moles to find the volume at standard which means: T = 25C = 300.15K, P = 1 atm = a looked up value of mm units (look in a chem book, its either in the index or covers of the book, if its not in the book its not a chem book), 760mmHg in your case, you know R as its the same constant, and you know n because you found it in step 1, now solve for V, still using PV = nRT
789.47 but gosh its been a while since those Chemistry days

760 mmHg = 1 STP I divided 800 by 760 then multiplied it by 750mL to get my answer
The first thing you have to do is convert mL to L C to K(kelvins) and mmHg to atmospheric pressure.

750ml- 0.750L
800mmHg – 800/ 760atm= 1.05atm
127C – 400K

at STP temp is 0C and atmospheric pressure is 1atm

(273)(1.05)(0.750) / (1atm)(400K)= 0.537L

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