(Multiple Choice) wat is the Net Ionic Equation for the reaction that occurs when small amounts of .?

wat is the Net Ionic Equation for the reaction that occurs when small amounts of hydrochloric acid are added to HOCL/NaOCl buffer solution?
a. H + H20-> H3O
b. H + OCl-> HOCL
c. HOCl-> H + OCl
d. H + HOCl-> H2OCl
e. HCl + HOCl -> H2O + Cl2

i have no clue how to figure out this one!! thanxx

In a buffer solution, the ions interact in such a way as to minimize the effect of adding acid or base to the solution, keeping the pH stable.

In this case, you're adding acid, which means adding H+, so your answer is going to require some mechanism for tying up that excess H+. Based on that information, the only possible answer is b)

HOCl (hypochlorous acid) is a weak acid, thus a fairly strong base. So, in this case, adding HCl means that the excess OCl- from the sodium hypochlorite (laundry bleach) will combine with the excess H+ to form HOCl.

H+ + OCl- ===> HOCl

I hope that helps.

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