Relationship of activities of halogens to their position on the periodic table, and with metals?

Relate the order of activities of the halgens to their position on the Periodic Table, and if there a similar trend presents itself with teh metals in the activity chart.

Halogens get more reactive as you go up the group (as the atoms get smaller) and metals get more reactive as you go down a group (as the atoms get bigger).
The higher on the Periodic table, the more active the halogen.

This is because halogens seek to gain one electron. TRhe smaller the atom, the closer the nucleus is to the outer shell where it can pull in the electron. Therefore, fluorine is the most active halogen.

It is basically the reverse with metals. They seek to lose an electron to become an ion. The larger the atom, the less influence the nucleus has to hold back that electron. So Francium is the most active metal.

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