3 part question help!!!!?

For the following question(s), consider a 4% starch solution and a 10% starch solution separated by a semipermeable membrane.

Which of the following also occurs in this system?
A. Water flows equally in both directions.
B. There is a net flow of water from the 4% starch solution into the 10% starch solution.
C. There is a net flow of water from the 10% starch solution into the 4% starch solution.
D. Water does not cross the membrane at all.
E. Starch moves out of the 10% starch solution into the 4% starch solution.

B. definitely b.

this is called osmosis. in osmosis, the solvent (water) flows from the solution of higher water concentration (ie lower starch) to lower water concentration (ie higher starch). the starch molecules do not flow.
ok so im not in chemistry and this may totally be worng but it sounds like e is the answer because it would only make sense sense the membrane is selectivley permiable the starch would want to balance out? it wasnt a guess lol it was just wat sounded right to me but i have taken biology
I would have to agree with her I think it is E also.
It's B

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