A diamond is a liquid with a high viscosity so how hard could a diamond possibly be ?

Diamond is not a liquid. Liquids have molecules that are weakly bonded with other molecules, while diamond forms a single large crystal with 3 dimensional lattice, with covalent bounds throughout, so it is, according to all possible definitions, a solid.
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it is known that diamond is the strongest material as it can be hardly break unless you heat it. its boiling point is quiet high
Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance on the planet. I did not know that they were classed as a liquid. I learned as a Geology major that diamond was a crystalline form of carbon, and it was the nature of the molecular bonding in the carbon atoms of the crystalline structure that makes it so hard.

Are you certain about your source telling you that diamond is a liquid? On the other hand, you may be thinking of common glass - which due to its amorphous molecular structure is a liquid with extraordinarily high viscosity, but glass is made of silica not carbon.
I do not know where diamond is classified as a liquid with high viscosity. In the Moh's scale used to test the hardness of a mineral(Mohs scale is based on ten minerals) diamond is the hardest mineral with a hardness of 10 and talc is the softest with hardness of 1.

If diamond is heated in high temperature, then it turns into carbon not liquid.
A diamond isn't a liquid.

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