Is brass an element, compound, or mixture?

brass is copper and zinc, thus it is an alloy
it is referred to as an alloy
compound (copper and tin)
Brass is a metal alloy of Copper and Zinc.

EDIT. For dotsnail: copper and tin is bronze -- very similar, but different properties.
None of the above, it's an alloy
A compound, as dotsnail said. A compound is a substance composed of two or more elements that cannot be separated by ordinary means. A mixture is two or more substances (usually more than just some elements) that can be separated by ordinary means (ordinary meaning non-chemical). Brass can't be separated by ordinary means.
It's a wind instrument
Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Bronze is copper and tin.
Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. IT IS NOT A COMPOUND as others have said. Calling it a compound implies a chemical reaction has taken place between the copper and zinc, which is not the case. Alloys/mixtures are bound by intermolecular forces, where as compounds are bound by chemical bonds.
Brass is an alloy (or homogenous mixture) of copper and zinc; there's usually other metals as well but copper and zinc are the main ones.

Anyone who said anything else should have their heads bashed in for pretending to be knowledgable in the field of chemistry.
Mixture. Since it's an of copper and zinc.
Alloy is correct, but among the choices you name, the correct one would be mixture. The elements are copper and zinc.
brass is not an element not acompound not a mixture but it is an alloy
mixture: it is an alloy which is a mixture of metals

Brass can be separated based on the different melting points of the two metals which it is made up of. ie the metal with the lower m.p will melt first while the other remains solid

I agree with e^x
Brass is any alloy of copper and zinc; the proportions of zinc and copper can be varied to create a range of brasses, each of which has unique properties.

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