21.6 gram Metal Ball converting it to Volume (ml)? HELP?

i need this on my chemistry class, and this problem is driving me crazy, i can't find the formula/solution? kindly help me Guys. Thx

You have to know the metal.
Each metal has a density : d = mass / Volume
Volume = mass / density.
Volume = 21.6 g / d

If the metal is iron : d = 7.86 g / cm^3
V = 21.6 g / 7.86 = 2.75 cm^3

If the metal is lead : d = 11.30 g/cm^3
V = 21.6 g / 11.30 = 1.91 cm^3

If the metal is copper : d = 8.92 g/cm^3
V = 21.6 g / 8.92 = 2.42 cm^3

I hope this help you
If all you were given is that its metal and 21.6g, its impossible to figure out. You either need the volume, density, or exactly what metal it is. If you know the metal, you can look up the density for it.
you measure the volume by dropping it into a graduated cylinder with known amount of water into. You see the resultant increase in volume - thats the volume of your ball. then dived weight (g)/volume (ml) and you get density in g/ml

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