I need help with naming chemical compunds?

AlP- amonium phospide?

FeCr2O7- ?

NO2- ?

KCr(SO4)2 multiply by 12H2O

Cu2(NO3)2- ?

H2CO3- ?


*******THANK YOU SO MUCH*******

Iron(II) dichromate
Nitrogen dioxide
Chromium potassium sulfate (hydrated)
Copper(I) dinitrate
Carbonic acid
Thiocyanic acid

If you specifically need to state the amount of waters of crystallisation, use dodecahydrate, (dodeca- = 12)
iron (II) bichromate
nitrous dioxide
potassium chromo (I) disulfate dodecahydrate
copper (I) dinitrate
carbonic acid
sulfocyanic acid or also in the older lit, rhodanide sulfuric acid

last oneĀ“s weird.
Iron (II) dichromate
Nitrogen dioxide
Copper (II) nitrate
Carbonic acid
Potassium thiocynate

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