A tank holds 2.36 l of gas at 784 torr and 24.2 C. How much will it occupy at STP(standard temp. and pressure?

Please show your work and also express your answer in milliliters?

This problem would involve the ideal gas law: PV=nRT. By algebra, we can rearrange as this: PV/T=nR. Since neither n or R ever change, we can equate the two states. Thus, P1V1/T1=P2V2/T2.

Now, let's get all of our data and put it into good units.
P1 = 784 torr = 1.03 atm
V1 = 2.36 L
T1 = 24.2 C = 297.2 K

P2 = 1 atm
V2 = ?
T2 = 273.15 K

Now, we insert and solve.

((1.03)*(2.36)) / 297.2 = ((1)*(V2)) / 273.15

V2 = 2.234 L = 2,234.095 mL
aaply the formula yourself:

P1V1/T1 = P2V2/T2

Standard Temperature = 20 C
Standard Atmosphere = 760 torr

Therefore T2 would be 273+20 degrees Kelvin, in absolute units.

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