A regular soda placed in a bucket of water will sink. a diet soda placed in the bucket of water float. explain

artificial sweetener is a lot sweeter than sugar so more sugar is added than artifical sweetener. the extra sugar will not take up extra VOLUME until the liquid reaches saturation point. So the non diet soda is "heaver"
Maybe because the sugars in reg soda are heavier...syrup, most times. Diet has an alternative sweetener and I believe it's lighter and works with the carbonation to make it more buoyant.

not sure of the exact answer, but one way you might find out is to look into the diet coke and mentos experiements. Those are cool to watch anyway and might explain it better.
regular soda contains CO2gass and sugar in it desolved in water whome density is greater than water. it make its bottle haveier than water, so it sinks in the bucket of water while in diet soda less CO2 gass is filled with no sugar or very less sugar. thats why it floats on water. on the other hand the plastic by which its made of is less denser than water which also help it to float on water. the bottle is also not filled completely with water, it has some space unfilled with soda in it. it also make it lighter and helps it to float on water.
wow, thats weird man!
because are more carbon dioxide in the diet soda than the regular soda...
Regular has more sugar so have higher density then diet soda

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