A question on gaseous state?

their is a 200cm long tube havin ends x and y.HCl is passed thru end x nd NH3 is passed through end y. white vapours are first seen at point P in the tube after sum time.calculate the distance between P and X

According to Graham's Law of diffusion;

rHCl / rNH3 = Square root ( MNH3 / MHCl )
r denotes Rate of Effusion or Diffusion. m denotes Molar Mass.
Let r from HCl end = x cm
Therefore, r from NH3 end = (200-x)cm

Now, x / 200-x = Square root ( 17 / 36.5 )

=> 200-x / x = Square root ( 36.5 / 17 )
=> 200-x / x = 1.465
=> 1.465x = 200 -x
=> 2.465x = 200
=> x = 81.13 cm ( Ans.)

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