Calculate the theoretical number of moles of HCl equivalent to 1 mole of?

a) NaHCO3; b) CaCO3; and c) Al2O3.. Please answer this question.. Thanks

B- mole ratio of HCl dissolved particles, compared to the CaCO3 dissolved particles is 1, meaning if one mole of each were to dissolve they would both contain the same number of free floating particles

by bad on this first answer didnt understand- still working on reanswer hold on:.

corrected answers as followed

needed more info- anyways here are the different situations and ways of doing it:

situation 1: assumming you are talking about number of elemental moles: just count the number of elements and divide by 2
A) 3
B) 2.5
C) 2.5

situation 2 :assumming you are talking about mass then find the molar mass of each compound, then divide that by the molar mass of HCl, for each one- if this is what your looking for, the explaination is easy to follow, i would have given the calculations but i dont have a periodic table tatooed to my arm, nor do i have it memorized

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