(i) How could you show that a liquid collected contained Water..Explain

(ii) Give another use noble gas...

(iii) How could u test for iron(iii) ions in the water..And what wil be the results...

(iv) Which two gases make up the most of air..?

Water turns white anhydrous copper(II) sulphate powder blue.

Noble gas - argon can be used to provide an inert atmosphere in electric light bulbs

Iron (III) Ions form reddish brown ppt with aqueous ammonia.It is insouble in excess NH3.

79% nitrogen , 20% oxygen
(i) Use anhydrous coblat chloride paper. If it turns from blue to pink, it is water. Or you can use some absorb water agent, such as CaCl2 If it is heavier after it touches the solution, it contains water.

(ii) Helium can be used to filled up ballons. Neno can be used in neon light.

(iii) If it has Fe3+, the solution is yellow.Try to use some rusting indicator, if it turns to blue, it must be iron ions. (This one I am not too sure)
(vi) nitrogen and oxygen

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