Why can't we make water?

I'm not sure as to why if we know the chemical make up of water, why we can not create an "artificial water"?

It's not called "artificial water." Whether it's man made or not, it's still pure water.

You can even extract clean water from tainted mud through distilling.
we can. just combine hydrogen and oxygen
uh what? yes we can

and why make water when 90% of the earth is covered with it
Actually, we understand the chemical structure of water very well. Since water is so common, it's an obvious choice for research.

The structure looks something like this:


where H is a hydrogen atom and O is an oxygen atom, and the lines indicate bonds. The molecule has a bent shape because of the two free electron pairs (not shown here) on the other side from the hydrogens.

There are many reasons for not creating "artificial water". The first is that it would simply not have the same properties as water. You could consider gasoline to be an "artificial water", but gasoline won't sustain life, and it's also flammable. The second reason is that there is plenty of water on the planet.
...but we can...

Mix hydrogen gas and oxygen gas inside a balloon. Apply heat and you'll get an explosion, with water condensing inside the pieces of the balloon.

Although there is absolutely no need, most of the water on earth is covered in water - why do we need to make more of what we already have in abundance?
of course we can ,but that will require some very high temp & some electric sparks.
we can but natural water have energy and information. people know everythin they are know how to make a human but. Du u know what is distil water? It is wery soft and sweet water but u can use it only for technical staff
Its because water is so simple.

Most "artificial" materials are huge molecules which bear some resemblance to what they mimmic. Plastic and leather are both composed of long chains of smaller units. Plastic is waxy, but if nitrogen is added, it begins to behave much more like protein, which is what leather is composed of.

Water consists of just three atoms of only two types. It has many unique properties such as polarity and its peculiar boiling point. Many organic solvents are a little like water. Methyl alcohol is a clear liquid which is nearly as polar as water. However, methanol is poison and can't be drunk like water. Leather boots can be boiled and eaten, but not if they are made of plastic. The nearest thing to "artificial water" which exists is probably hydrogen peroxide. It is too reactive to sustain life at room temperature, but one theory about the planet Mars is that hydrogen peroxide based life might exist on its surface. The average temperature on Mars is 30 degrees below zero. At this temperature, hydrogen peroxide behaves very much like water.
Water (H2O) is so abundant on Earth that there is no purpose in even looking for an artificial water. The cheapest option is to use what is available.

Making water is very straight forward. We can either react an acid with a base:

HCl(aq) + NaOH (aq) ---> NaCl(aq) + H2O(l)

or combust pure Hydrogen. Obviously pure Hydrogen is not readily available, but it is produced in the reaction of any acid with most metals:

Zn(s) + 2HCl(aq) ---> ZnCl2(aq) + H2(g)

You would be amazed at all of the reactions that produce water. When your body takes sugars and stores them as glycogen, it produces water. Ditto for the production of a protein from amino acids. Now, obviously, the opposite requires water, such as the digestion of starch (which we eat a ton of) and proteins. This is the reason that eating requires us to drink at the same time.

The overall point is that the general availability of water causes us to really look for no alternative.

A lot of what is called "artificial" is the real thing. It is just synthesized rather than isolated. For instance, artificial grape flavor is the same chemical as grape, but it can be cheaper to make the flavor than to attempt to separate it from the grape juice. We are required to call this "artificial", but it is the same compound.
creating water is a very dangerous job! When 2 molecules of Hydrogen meet oxygen, a huge amount of heat is produced like bursting a propane tank. Thus it is difficult. Water on the earth was created when the earth was formed a trillion years ago.Hope that helps
you can distill water many ways.

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