Is ketchup a liquid or solid?

Ketchup is actually what one would call a non-Newtonian fluid.
The way the substance behaves changes with the amount of pressure put on the substance. When not under high pressure, the substance behaves like a liquid, but when strain is applied on the object, it behaves like a solid. A popular example of this type of fluid is something called ooblek, a mixture of corn starch and water if I'm not wrong. It's quite an amusing subject, you can check out some in action on youtube.
liquid, since it definately pours.
Ketchup is a viscous liquid, with bits of solid materials (tomato flesh and garlic bits) in it that make it so viscous.
I've always thought of ketchup as a liquid since it follows the basic idea that liquids take the shape of their containers. All liquids have a property called "viscosity" which discribes their thickness, essentially. So ketchup could be considered a viscous liquid compared to water.

If you really want to get technical, ketchup could be classified as a "colloid" - a substance with components of several phases of matter. Some other examples are fog or mist (liquid + gas), stryrofoam (gas + solid), etc.
Liquid. But if you must be particular, you could call it a heterogeneous suspension of solid particles within a fluid.
Liquid. It pours and can take the shape of something else very easily; therefore, it is definately a liquid.
It's a thixotropic liquid, which means that under stress it'll liquify. Its viscosity decreases. Just like wet cement that has not yet set or corn starch in water. Or like the wet sand on the beach on which you try to tapdance.

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