"Ionic detoxification" : Fact or Fiction?

My boyfriend tried this ionic detoxification "foot bath" procedure at his homeopathic doctor's office. He says it really works- that it actually rids the body of toxins. He wants to go out and buy one now. I read up on it, and it seems to me it's a total scam. What do you think?

Sounds flaky to me.
What where the toxins?
Did your boyfriend get measurements before and after?
Was there any sort of statistical hypothesis testing?
Were the toxins reduced to a level low enough to have a significant reduction in the effect of these poisons?

In 99.9% of the homeopathic cases the answers to these questions is going to be no or I don’t know. Without direct evidence you can’t credibly make a claim either way in a circumstance like this. But of course the absence of facts does not stop the person who is trying to sell it to you….

The sad thing is of the some of the snake oil may actually be harmful, that’s why the Food and Drugs Act was originally created.
I had it done once at my spa for free to try it out. While the water did change colors .. and had some gross film on it, I didn't feel any different. You're supposed to do a series of at least four to get the full effects. But yeah, I would have to say it's just an expensive, stinky foot bath.
A friend of mine has done it 10 times , the water is still dirty when she comes out and her sister who is a total health freak, did it also and it was just as dirty...
Makes you wonder what it is all about..
It's rust precipitating off of the steel electrodes into the water. It is a scam. If you want proof, run one of the systems without putting your feet into it. The same thing will happen. Then, try it with aluminum electrodes. Nothing will happen, because aluminum does not produce rust.

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