Help pls? Ionic compounds?

Can anyone help me with the chemical formulae?

1-Iron(III) oxide
2-Ammonium nitrate
3-Zinc fluoride
4-Iron(III) sulphate
5-Lead(II) nitrate
6-Barium Chloride
7-Silver oxide
8-Calcium hydrogen sulphate

in ionic compounds the valencies of the constituents just exchange n if there is a common factor they are divided by it. Usually the metal(+ve ion) is written first n the non metal(-ve ion) afterwards
1. Fe2O3
2. NH4NO3
3. ZnF2
4. Fe2(SO4)3
5. Pb(NO3)2
6. BaCl2
7. Ag2O
8. Ca(HSO4)2
1. Fe2O3
2. NH4NO3
3. ZnF2
4. Fe2(SO4)3
5. Pb(NO3)2
6. BaCl2
7. Ag2O
8. Ca(HSO4)2
ferric oxide=Fe2O3,
ammonium nitrate=NH4NO3,
zinc fluoride=ZnF2,
ferric sulphate=Fe2(SO4)3,
lead nitrate= PbNO3,
barium chloride= BaCl(not sure exactly),
silver oxide= (there are two formulae based on ionic silver...) Ag2O or AgO
calcium hydrogen sulphate= CaHSO4
1-Iron(III) oxide = Fe2O3
2-Ammonium nitrate = NH4NO3
3-Zinc fluoride = ZnF2
4-Iron(III) sulphate = Fe2(SO4)3
5-Lead(II) nitrate = Pb(NO3)2
6-Barium Chloride = BaCl2
7-Silver oxide = Ag2O
8-Calcium hydrogen sulphate = Ca(HSO4)2
sorry, i don't have an answer for this, but i was just wondering if someone could explain how to get the formula of the ionic compounds that have brackets at the end (e.g. iron(III) oxide).

and how do you know the charge of these ions? I know the number in the bracket does not necessarily correspond to the charge, but then how do you find the charge?

i know this is a stupid question, but i'm not all that great at chemistry.

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