What‘s different between alumina and Bauxite??

what‘s different between alumina and Bauxite?
Are they smae or similar in industry?

Bauxite is an ore of aluminium. It is mostly a hydrated form of aluminium oxide, the main impurities are clay, sand and iron minerals, mostly iron oxides. It is refined to alumina (aluminium oxide) by dissolving it in hot concentrated sodium hydroxide solution after some of the sand and clay have been removed. This does not dissolve the iron oxide, which stays in suspension as "red mud". This is filtered off and after a few more steps the alumina is taken out of solution by addition of acid. The stuff is then dried at high temperature leaving a fine white powder suitable for use in an aluminium smelter.
Alumina is chemically pure aluminum oxide. Bauxite is the mineral of aluminum.
Alumina :
Aluminium oxide is an amphoteric oxide of aluminium with the chemical formula Al2O3. It is also commonly referred to as alumina in the mining, ceramic and materials science communities.
Bauxite :
Bauxite is an aluminium ore. It consists largely of the Al minerals gibbsite Al(OH)3, boehmite and diaspore AlOOH, together with the iron oxides goethite and hematite, the clay mineral kaolinite and small amounts of anatase TiO2. It was named after the village Les Baux-de-Provence in southern France, where it was first discovered in 1821 by geologist Pierre Berthier.
Bauxite ( Al2O3.2H2O ) is an ore of aluminium from which pure aluminium is extracted through Hall process.

During the process of extraction, where cryolite and fluorspar are involved, bauxite gets ripped off its 2 water molecules forming aluminium oxide (Al2O3).

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