Please help with this chemistry problem?

how many grams are in 2.35 moles of calcium carbonate CaCO3?

first find the molar mass of CaCO3, 40 + 12 + 16x3 = 100 g/mol

if you have 2.35 moles, then you multiply 2035 by 100g/mol, and you get 235 grams.

235 grams
CaCO3 MW = 100.087 g/mole

2.35 moles * 100.087g/mole = 235.20g CaCO3
First find the molecular mass of CaCO3 which is the molecular mass of Ca + C + Ox3. Your answer would be in grams/mole so you would multiply by 2.35 moles to get an answer in grams.
Molecular weight of CaCO3 is 100.086 g/mol
(Ca = 40.078 g/mol; C = 12.011 g/mol; O = 15.999 g/mol)

2.35 mol * 100.086 g/mol = 235.20g

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