Acetic Acid Problem?

A certain vinegar is 5.00% acetic acid by mass, and has a density of 1.007 g/mL. What volume in liters of this vinegar contains 100.0g of acetic acid?

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Your vinegar contains 5% of acetic acid by mass.
It translates to :
M(acid) = 0.05M(vinegar) where M is the mass.
Your vinegar has a density of 1.007g/ml
It translates to :
M(vinegar) = 1.007 V(vinegar) where V is the volume.
Substitute this in the first equation:
M(acid) = 0.05*1.007 V(vinegar)
V(vinegar) = M(acid)/(0.05*1.007)
if M(acid) = 100g, then
V(vinegar) = 100/(0.05*1.007) = 1,986 ml
100g = 5% of 2,000g of vinegar of which 1,900g is water.
2,000g is the mass of vinegar and is therefore 2,000 L.

(The density of the Acetic acid has already been accounted for in its mass of 100g. Its density here is not required in the calculation.)
look the first answer is correct completely and i would do this question in this way as well so be sure about this .

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