Al2(SO4)3 is disolved in water. It ionizes as folows:Al2(SO4)3 —> 2Al+3 + 3SO4-2 If 200 g of the solute..

Al2(SO4)3 is dissolved in water. It ionizes as follows:
Al2(SO4)3 ——> 2Al+3 + 3SO4-2
If 200 g of the solute is dissolved in 357 g water, find the boiling point of the solution.

For electrolytes
delta T = m x keb x n
n is the number of ions dissolved . In this case n = 5
Keb for water = 0.512 °C

molar mass Al2(SO4)3 = 342 g/mol

200 g / 342 = 0.585 moles

m = 0.585 / 0.357 Kg = 1.64

delta T = 1.64 x 5 x 0.512 = 4.2 °C

The boiling point will be 100 + 4.2 = 104.2 °C

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