According to the IUPAC convention for chemical naming, which part of a hydrocarbon is the main chain?

when u give name to an organic compound, select the longest carbon contineous chain
You name the hydrocarbon by the longest chain. If there are groups branching off, you name those first and state their position on the chain...

If you have a 5 carbon chain..its a pent-
If off the 3rd carbon, there is a methyl is
The longest continuous chain. In other words make a path with the carbons but don't stray away from the path.
The path with the big C's is the parent chain.

C .... c
\ ....\
welll, that's a tough one. If it is just a plain old hydrocarbon, the longest chain, but if you have any interesting substituent groups there, you have to be careful, some groups want to be part of the "main" chain even if it isn't the longest chain.

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