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sodium(an element) reacts with water(compound)to produce sodium hydroxide(compound) and hydrogen gas(element). what kind of chemical reaction is this? explain how u know.

This is a single displacement reaction because the sodium atom is displacing the hydrogen in the water molecule.
It is also a redox reaction in which the hydrogen atoms are gaining an electron from the sodium atom. The sodium atoms undergo oxidation (lose electrons) and the hydrogen atoms undergo reduction (gain electrons)

2Na + 2H2O -------> 2NaOH + H2

Changes in oxidation state
Na goes from an oxidation state of 0 to 1+.
Oxidation involves the loss of electrons.
H goes from an oxidation state of 1+ to 0.
Reduction involves the gaining of electrons.
LEO says GER
(loss of electrons oxidation) says (gain of electrons reduction)
It is a single replacement reaction because one of the Hydrogens from water gets swapped with sodium.

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