Rewrite0.0000000000193 in scientific notation?

1.93 x 10^-11
1.93 x 10 to the 11th power.
1.93 X 10^11
This is 1.93x10^-11 because you move the decimal place eleven places to the left from the 1.93.
hi how r u. the way to write that number in scientific notation is 1.93 X 10^11

good luck w/ ur hw or watever ur doin.

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1.93 x 10^-11
1.93 times ten to the power of -11

1.93 * 10^-11
1.93 x 10^(-11)
1.93 times 10 to the minus 11

Just put the decimal point after the first nonzero numeral. The exponent is the same as the number of places you have to move the decimal point. Moving it right requires a negative exponent; moving left requires a positive exponent.

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