A sample of nitrogen gas in a 750mL vessel at 40c and 200 Torr..?

A Sample of nitrogen gas in a 750mL vessel @40 C and 200 Torr. If the vessel (volume is held constant) is warmed to 50 C what is the resulting pressure? - How would I go about figuring this out?

Also, I have a similar problem which is:

A sample of Nitrogen gas in a 750mL vessel at 40 C and 200 Torr. If the vessel is expanded to 825mL (at constant temperature), what is the resulting pressure?

I was shown how to do these problems with an example, which covered both V change and T change. I cannot figure out how to do the problem with just one of them and not both..

I hope this question isnt too confusing, and I greatly appreciate any help I can get! Thank you so much :)

We use Charles' law

p1 / T1 = p2 / T2

T2 = 50 + 273 = 323 K

T1 = 40 + 273 = 313

750 / 313 = p2 / 323

p2 = 774 torr

2nd question

we use Boyle's law

p1V1 = p2 V2

200 x 750 = p2 x 825

p2 = 181,8 torr
1st question

using gay-lusaac's law
*t1 & t2 in Kelvin

p2=200.639 torr


using boyle's law

p2=181.82 torr

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