Info needed on what happens when daimonds are heated at high temperature?

That must have be a REALLY hot fire because a diamond will not melt until it reaches 3820 K (6420 °F). For comparison, iron melts at 1538 °C (2800 °F) and boils at 2861 °C (5182 °F)

They melt..
Diamonds can melt in house fires...
Remarkably, nothing. The very high Debye temperature of single crystal white diamond makes it the worst possible blackbody radiator. A diamond at 900 C does not glow.

Around 1000 C in air oxidation will catalyze diamond to graphite phase transition. The increase in volume almost explosively transforms the crystal. In inert or especially reducing atmospheres, diamond is stable to about 1500 C under an atmosphere of pressure. The activation energy to reconstruct the lattice is almost equal to the binding energy.
Basically a diamond will glow. Basically you would have to heat a diamond to very high temperatures(not sure what it is) to melt it. This is due to the very organized tetrahedral network structure of a diamond which makes it very stable.
at very very very very high tempratures it turns to graphite, i.e what ur pencil is made of, and vice versa, u can change ur pencil to diamond but this is theoratically and it will be too expensive, its cheaper to by diamonds, because u ll need very high pressures and tempratures

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