Saturated vs Unsaturated Fats?

Which would have more cholesterol in them?

I tent to associate saturated fats with unhealthiness and cholesterol. Therefore I would guess saturated (even though I know cholesterol is good for you) fats have more cholesterol in them.

However, the fatty acids in unsaturated fats have kinks from carbon double bonding. That would make me think that more cholesterol could be found inside since there is more space between molecules.

I am just curious, thanks for those who reply!

Saturated fats tend to come from animals They are more likely to be solids at room temperature. Unsaturated fats tend to come fro plants. These are liquids at room temperature. There are exceptions, palm oils are more saturated.
Our body makes cholesterol. Saturated fats will increase it. Cholesterol in our diet comes from animal products. Seafood is especially high. Cholesterol is not in the fatty acids. Our body makes it. It is the saturated fatty acids that contribute to cholesterol production. Diet is important. Fiber tends to decrease the absorption of cholesterol in the diet. Red meat has more than white meat. It is also found in eggs and milk products. Fish oils tend to decrease cholesterol.
Cholesterol is produced mostly by animals; animals tend to make more saturated fat (depending on the species) because they lack certain enzymes (desaturases). On the other hand, plants make many unsaturated fatty acids and very little cholesterol. Cholesterol is soluble in both, it's a part of the lipid membrane. Kinks and space have nothing to do with solubility. If anything, it would be van der Waals (dipole-dipole) interactions that are responsible for solubility of cholesterol in fats.
I gave you this answer because the amount of cholesterol will depend on the source of fats. I don't know what is behind your question, if you think which will have more cholesterol: olive oil or lard (or for that matter a vegetarian dish or a piece of meat in buttery sauce).
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