How is Silver used???

How is silver obtained, produced, refined or disposed.... help me plzz

First it starts with mining. Once it's been established as to the location of a silver vein. Once they know that it'll be financial worth it to spend a lot of money to mine the area, they drill 5 holes into the rock, pack a little plastic explosive about 3 meters into the hole. They then gather the loose rock where it is taken to a processing plant. At the plant they crush up the rock and through a process of chemical baths and extreme temperatures the "sift" the silver out of the other minerals and cool them in Ingits, or bars of silver. From there they go to jewelers, banking firms, or national banks to be made into coins, jewelery, or just saved for emergencies.
As transportation by the Lone Ranger.
it is not that easy to discuss this like this better take help of some book
Obtained from silver mines. refined by melting, not disposed of unless radioactive.
Sounds like one of those crummy high school projects where your teacher tells you to pick an element from a hat and tell her how the element is obtained, produced, refined, or disposed of to me.....

I remember when i pulled gold out of the of the coolest elements.....BLING BLING

Procrastination? DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK =-)

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