Which of the following represents .0000307 in scientific notation?

a. 3.07 x 10^4
b. 3.07 x 10-5
c. 3.07 x 10^5
d. 3.07 x 10-


its -5 because the decimal is being moved 5 places to the right

not C because that would be 307,000
The answer is b).

The rule I use is write it properly:

0.0000307 and then count the zero's before the first sig fig (5)
b. first u move the decimal back 5 places. it has to be a number less than 10 so it wud be 3.07. then u no u moved the decimal back so its a negative
3.07 x 10-5(10 to the negative 5th)
its b.

you just move the decimal and count how many places
b. 5 decimal places LEFT.

3.07 x 10-5 = 3.07 รท 100,000 ..To me, that's 5 decimal places left. = 0.0000307

(What now Mr. Thumbs Down ?)
It's 3.07 times 10 to the -5 power. Strictly speaking, none of the above is correct. Answer (b) above includes the subtraction of five from ten, giving five.

Thus 3.07 x 10-5 means 15.35, or 3.07 times 5. See that?

To write it in "ForTran style" typewriter formula format, you would write:


fortunately, there is a method of exponential notation in computer languages, using the letter "E." You would actually write:


...where the "E" represents the phrase "times ten raised to the power of..."

It sounds like you don't understand sig figs

Find the first non-zero digit, then everything to the right of that is significant. EXCEPTION - if there is no decimal place


the first non-zero digit is 3, so 307 are the significant digits in the problem. Move the decimal place over, you have to move it 5 places to get 3.07 and since you moved it 5 places to the right, it's 3.07 x 10^-5

0.1110 = 4 sig figs. The first non-zero digit is 1 and all digits to the right are significant (since there is a decimal place)
1.110 x 10^-1 would be sci notation

the execption: 1110 there is no decimal place, so we don't know if that last zero is significant or not.

the sci notation could be 1.110 x 10^3 or 1.11 x 10^3

In this case, we moved the decimal place to the left which means a positive exponent

No deimal places mean that zeroes are ambiguous and we don't know for sure if they "matter" or not.

Any non-zero number is ALWAYS significant

1111 = 1.111 x 10^3 in sci notation

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