Sodium chloride dissolves in water to form WHAT?

nothing special
just dissolved salt - salty water, yuk!
salt solution
Brine or saline.
to become a hemogen polar solution. salt watet = electrolysis Na+ Cl-
H+ OH-
You get sodium and chloride ions in solution:

Na+ (aq) and Cl- (aq)

+ and - are the ion charges of Sodium and Chloride respecively.
(aq) denotes that it is an aqueous solution (in water)
Na+ ions get surrounded by OH- ions to form the cationic cluster and the Cl- ions get surrounded by the H3O+ (ie H2O plus H+ ions). to form the anionic cluster.The molecular clusters of these cationic and anionic parts diffuse into the water in all directions to give the "salty" (as tasted) solution.
Sodium chloride dissolves in water to form aqueous sodium chloride AKA NaCl(aq).

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