A mixture containing starch, NaCl, Glucose, and Albumin is placed in a dialyzing bag and immersed in distilled

water. Which if the following describes the location of the indicated substance after dialysis?
A. Glucose outside
B. NaCl inside
C. Starch outsdie
D. Albumin outside
E. None of these

Answer: Glucose Outside

Well, this question applies the concept of dialysis. In medical dialysis, healthy kidneys remove waste products (for example potassium, acid and urea) from the blood and also remove excess fluid in the form of urine. Dialysis treatments have to duplicate both of these functions as dialysis (waste removal) and ultrafiltration (fluid removal).

A dialyzing bag is semipermeable dialysis bag, such as a cellulose membrane with pores, and the bag is sealed. Molecules small enough like NaCl and glucose to pass through the tubing (often water, salts and other small molecules) tend to move into or out of the dialysis bag, in the direction of decreasing concentration. Larger molecules like albumin (protein) and Starch (polysaccharides) that have dimensions significantly greater than the pore diameter are retained inside the dialysis bag.

So in this case, albumin and starch will be in the inside of the bag and NaCl and glucose will be on the outside.

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