A chemical bond formed when 2 atoms share 2 pairs of electrons is a ___ bond and described as a ____?

a) double, covalent
b) double, ionic
c) single, covalent,
d)single, ionic
e) triple, covalent

That is a double bond, and they are covalent, the answer is (A).

Ionic is when their is an exchange of electrons and those Ions are positively and negatively charged, often form crystal lattice. Single bond is a sharing of one pair of electrons, triple bond is a sharing of three pairs of electrons.
a) double, covalent...
sharing of electrons==covalent bond
since 2 pairs of electrons are shared, it is a double bond.
a covalent bond is formed when two or more atoms overlap and share a pair of electrons.Thereforethe case described is definitely the case of covalent bond.now for covalent bond formation a pair of electrons are required .Therefore for the formation of a double bond 2 pairs of elactrons are required. Therefore the answere would be double bond covalent.Now an ionic bond would involve complete transfer of electronsand hence involve positive and negetive charges.
I'm not that great with science, however from what I could read ... the best I could tell it was a covalent bond, but I can't tell if it's double or triple. Here are the links I used.
double covalent bond. and lose the commas.

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